The Challenge

The world is facing some big challenges. In order to address our 21C challenges we need new approaches, new methods, new strategies. Doing the same thing again and again will not get us to where we want to be.

About the course

The mutant futures program is a course developed to support change makers, professionals and innovators in stepping up their creative impact in the world, their communities, organizations and in their lives. 

We live in a unique era, with great challenges and transitions. Our capacity to align our sense of purpose to these societal changes is critical. From this foundation we can forge new methods that can address our challenges and create change in new, more powerful ways.

What we do

  • We learn to grow our voice and power, and come from deep inner alignment with our purpose...

  • We explore social changes and challenges that matter to us, and the future we want to work for...

  • We experiment with and develop creative approaches and methods that help create these futures...

The Journey

This is a journey of self discovery and creation, where you explore what the futures is asking you to become, and develop the methods needed to create the changes our world is asking for.

We are the seeds of change. Each of our stories forms part of an emerging shared story and our world and futures. Each or our experiments for change form a tapestry of interconnected systems. This movement moves, indeed transgresses, personal, professional and political boundaries, opening spaces for transformation.

For a detailed description of the course, ideas and processes, follow this link.

Course elements

  • A self guided course - you learn at your own pace and have 6 months access to content

  • In-depth course content, including videos, presentations and exercises, provide clarity and fluency in the ideas and methods

  • Q&A support is provided through the course, when you have questions

Content of modules

  • Session 1

    Module 1 provides an introduction to the key concepts and processes. Participants are eased into the course and given the overall journey map.

  • Session 2

    Module 2 takes participants through the Re-imaging Self process, where you renew and develop a deep sense of purpose and meaning, and where you discover "mutant" selves that can become a new part of who you are that support new "powers".

  • Session 3

    Module 3 is a guided exploration of the societal transitions and 21st century challenges that can form a fundamental part of your purpose, meaning and direction. This session orients you toward participating in, supporting and mutating new societal futures.

  • Session 4

    Module 4 is a capstone session which provides a process for you to ideate mutant methods that both align deeply with personal purpose and which can address the societal transitions and 21st century challenges. You get guidance on piloting and prototyping this new method or strategy.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    1 - Getting Started

  • 2

    2 - Re-imagining Self

    • Video Intro to Re-imaging Self

    • Video Presentation on Re-imagining Self

    • Re-imaging Self Visualization Process

    • Re-imaging with Oliver Markley

    • Reminder: Using the New Image

    • Are you ready to write a pitch?

    • Extra: Creating an Open Ended Narrative

    • Open Q&A for Re-Imagining Self

  • 3

    3 - Re-imagining World

    • Video Intro to Re-Imagining World

    • Video Presentation for Re-Imagining World (new - July 2021)

    • Open Q&A for Re-Imagining World

    • Journal questions for Re-Imagining World

    • Video Presentation on Re-Imagining World (old version)

  • 4

    4 - Re-imagining Method

    • Video Intro to Re-Imagining Method

    • Video on Mutant Methods / Methodological Hybridity (new - July 2021)

    • Nesta "Our Futures" resources and game info

    • Journal questions for Re-imagining Method

    • Open Q&A for Re-imagining Method

    • Video on Mutant Methods and Methodological Hybridity (old)

  • 5

    5 - Where to from here?

    • Video on Next Steps

    • Other offers



Jose Ramos

José Maria Ramos is director of the boutique foresight consultancy Action Foresight, is Senior Consulting Editor for the Journal of Futures Studies, and is Senior Adjunct Professor at the University of the Sunshine Coast. He has taught and lectured on futures studies, public policy and social innovation at the National University of Singapore (Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy), Swinburne University of Technology (Australia), Leuphana University (Germany), the University of the Sunshine Coast (Australia) and Victoria University (Australia). He has over 50 publications in journals, magazines and books spanning economic, cultural and political change, futures studies, public policy and social innovation. He has also co-founded numerous civil society organizations, a social forum, a maker lab, an advocacy group for commons governance, and a peer to peer leadership development group for mutant futurists. He holds a B.A. in Comparative Literature, a Masters degree in Strategic Foresight, and a Ph.D. in critical globalisation studies. He has a passion for the coupling of foresight and action, which has included both theoretical work through published articles, consulting work for federal, state and municipal governments, as well as citizen experiments in methodological innovation. He is originally from California of Mexican ancestry. Born in Oakland, he grew up in a very multi-cultural suburb of Los Angeles. After living in Japan and Taiwan, where he studied Japanese and Mandarin, he moved to Melbourne Australia to be with his wife, De Chantal. They have two children, son Ethan and daughter Rafaela. His other great passion is in considering who we are as planetary beings, which includes his ethnographic study of alternative globalizations, writings on planetary stigmergy, and research on cosmo-localization. This line of work connects him to the truth that we are all brothers and sisters inter-dependent with our planet and each other for our survival and wellbeing - our shared commons.

Ready to play?

When you are ready, we look forward to working with you in creating mutant selves, methods and futures.